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Warm Sunshine Toilette Splash

Avon Simple Elements
Warm Sunshine
Toilette Splash

Yet another Avon product that I’ve gotten. I’m actually almost sure that my mother bought this for me though, because I would never have bought a body perfume, let alone one that is sunshine yellow. Because yellow reminds me more than a little of something else. Usage wise it really isn’t all that great either. I mean I love Avon Strawberry Nail Polish, and actually a ton of their products, but this isn’t one of them. 

I’m going to be completely honest and tell you that I’ve been using this product for awhile, but until I sat down to do the review and read someone else’s online I had no idea that this perfume was supposed to be for my body. What you’re supposed to do is lightly rub it into your skin after taking a bath or shower so that you smell like warm sunshine. What I’ve been doing is kind of throwing this stuff around my room to make it smell better, like warm sunshine. So for me this is more of a house spray which is a much better use of the product.  And when you do use this product as a toilette splash like its intended to be, it dries out the skin.

I really am not fond of the design of this product either. Underneath the cap that really isn’t that easy to get off is a hole. No spray top, just a hole so you can pore the stuff out. If they just would have spent a few extra pennies it would have made this a lot nice. Also I know that I said I don’t like yellow liquids, but since this is warm sunshine it does kind of make sense that its yellow. Oh yeah and the bottle although plastic and cheap, does kind of look nice so it can be left out on a dresser or in a bathroom. 

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