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Head and Shoulders Classic Clean

Head & Shoulders
Classic Clean
Dandruff Shampoo

I’m a little ashamed to admit this but, I have had dandruff recently. Maybe its because I’ve been using John Frieda Platinum Hair dye or maybe I haven’t be washing my hair out well enough, but whatever the reason, its still dandruff and it was still terrible.  I remember my head would just itch and itch. Sometimes I would brush my hair and little flakes would show up on my bathroom sink. A few times after scratching my head I noticed blood underneath my finger nails and I knew that wasn’t good. Luckily since my hair is so light no one really could see how bad it was. But imagine if they could. I think I would have died. After I saw the blood I knew something needed to be done.

I went to the drug store, which happens a lot see my 2012 best drug store nail polishes post for evidence, and saw this head & shoulders pyrithione zinc dandruff shampoo. Now I always thought that head and shoulders was just for men, but it didn’t matter I was desperate and I couldn’t find anything else. I needed this. So I bought the smallest size and went home to wash my hair.

After two washes (not in the same day) my hair was dandruff free. Classic Clean may not smell as nice as some shampoos, but it doesn’t smell bad. And it does the job its supposed to do  clean my hair and keep away the dandruff. As long as I keep using this, my hair should be in good shape for when I dye it next week.

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