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Review: Squeaky Pink

Squeaky Pink
Shower Gel
Blackberry & Vanilla

So I’ve had this Squeaky Pink Shower and Shave Body Wash forever. I mean, like at least a year (longer than I’ve had this blog). I looked everywhere, and I can’t believe I haven’t already done a review of this. I love this Victoria’s Secret Shower and Shave Body Wash, its amazing. It has a cute package smells good and works well. Five out of five stars.

So even though this is a PINK product which is a Victoria’s Secret brand I bought this at a Bath and Body Works outlet store. Actually at the same time as I bought my Breathe Happiness Lotion and my Frosted Cranberry lotion now that I think about it. Where it was about half price, which tells you something. That Victoria’s Secret marked up the prices. Which I’m sure they do a lot. But don’t get me wrong I love doing Victoria’s Secret Hauls just as much as the next girl. But just for underwear (and sometimes clothes) not beauty products.

So how it works. Just lather it on your wet skin, and watch the bubbles form. Then take a razor preferably sharp and shave. It has a ton of bubbles and moisturizes really well so you don’t end up getting cut or even really razor burns. That is unless you are really terrible at shaving. The only bad thing I can say about use, is if you try and use it when your legs aren’t really wet it won’t lather up and leaves your skin really dry. So if you shave outside the shower use something like a foam.

Smell and Packaging. Fruity Blackberry and Vanilla. This shower gel smells amazing. Seriously perfect for a young woman (like me) in her late teens and early  twenties as well as those just starting out shaving. The packaging is also adorable and looks good in any shower.  

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