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What to Wear to College

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Pieces cross t shirt, $22 / Dr. Denim skinny fit jeans, $73 / Giuseppe Zanotti open toe bootie / Tiffany & Co. pearl bangle

As school gets closer and closer I’ve been beginning to think more about what I’m going to wear in college. I think it helps me to be less nervous. Even though I really had no idea what I was talking about        then (not that I really do now) I did a College Wardrobe post that seems a little more like stuff I’m going to be wearing. I guess I’ll wear stuff like this though if I decide I’m going to go for high maintenance and fancy. I do know that one thing I’ll need is a new computer which I might not get until January first that way I can use it as a tax deduction. I wonder if I could use the iPhone 5 as a deduction… Its worth a try right? 

What To Wear To College

Colored Skinny Jeans – I hope these never go out of style. I love them almost as much as denim distressed skinny jeans. Except these look a little bit dressier, and more interesting depending on the colors you get.
Graphic T-Shirt – A very simple graphic  T-Shirt will keep your outfit from look like you are trying too hard which is a big problem with things like blazers. At least for me anyways. Remember no cute cartoons.
Tiffany’s Pearl Bracelet – My proof that I love this brand, is my Tiffany and Co Haul which isn’t much but since I’ve been blogging I have had a little bit more money recently which might go to something like this. 
Chanel Purse – This may be a little to expensive  for most people but you many  be able to find a vintage pretty cheap. Just don’t get a fake.
Open Toe Booties – Lately I’ve really been in love with booties. They make you legs look long and thin.

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