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What to Wear When Donating


Vero Moda cotton sweater, $42 / Replay denim skinny jeans, $200 / UGG Australia brown booties, $280

So I donated blood today, for the first time every. It really wasn’t as bad as I though, but I figured that since I did it I should do a little guide on what to wear. You should totally take my advice too, because even though I weigh right at the weight limit I didn’t pass out or feel sick to my stomach at all. So boom! But in all seriousness everyone should try and donate at least once a year. Its good for you (because they test you for stuff) and obviously good for other people. Apparently I saved three lives today.

What to Wear When You Donate Blood
  • Replay denim skinny jeans – These aren’t really that important, but you should wear some kind of pants. No skirts allowed. I would say that sweatpants are okay, but sweatpants are NEVER okay.
  • 1/2 Sleeve Sweater – This one is important. Its really cold in the blood drive room, so you’re gonna need a sweater but one with too much sleeve is going to make it a hassle when it comes to the actual blood letting
  • booties – Alright. I know people don’t like UGGs, but you are going to want warm shoes and these are the warmest around.  First like I mentioned with the sweater its going to be cold. But for your feet its even worse because after all the blood is taken out they don’t get as much so they need a little extra warmth. Oh and don’t wear any type of heels. If you have dizziness you aren’t going to be able to walk with them on. 

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