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Review: Pixi Beauty Primer

Flawless Beauty Primer
A few days ago I received the Target Beauty Bag one of the samples inside was this face primer from Pixi. I was excited to get to try it because I really don’t have any experience with primers. On the back they had a story about some woman who used it and it improved her skin quality and made skin imperfections almost invisible underneath it. So I set it in my bathroom to use in the morning, looking forward to the magic that I expected to happen

 When I opened it this is what I got. It looks like my Maybelline BB Cream which is what I had planned on using over it, no matter I figured I could just use some old powder foundation I had. But isn’t this stuff supposed to be clear? When I put it on, it was easy to apply but it really didn’t do that good of a job covering blemishes. I actually didn’t notice any change in the before and after. Except for the fact my whole face looked super moist. 

I really think that this product is mislabeled as a facial primer and that it is really a BB cream. And a mediocre one at that. The only good things I can say are that it is easy to apply and that it didn’t have any bad smell associated with it. 

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