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Be Classy in Jeans

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Fat Face knit top, $67 / Jack Wills lace top / Current/Elliott skinny fit jeans / Brian Atwood high heels / Chanel vintage clutch

How to Look Classy in Jeans

Jeans aren’t really the classy piece in most people’s wardrobe, but as you can see by my jeans I have a ton, so I’ve been thinking of ways to look a little bit more classy while wearing them. Of  course the obvious answer that  came to me was to wear a blazer, but really blazers aren’t that great. For girls with my shape (very thin) it tends to make me look like a man. My shoulders look broad and my back looks wide. Some of the items I put in my polyvores  mostly a few of the accessories like the Chanel bag are a little bit to more expensive than I can afford but since I’m not actually having to buy this its okay!

  • Elliott Skinny Cuffed Jeans –  If you’re short these jeans are a huge no. Cuffed jeans always make you look shorter, and stout. For thin, and long legged girls though (like me!) it works though, and unlike other jeans skinny jeans can make you look a little more dressed up. The cuffed bottom looks great with heels.
  • Brian Atwood Heels – These are so cute in suede and a perfect way to look a little bit more fancy, unlike a lot of shoes I pick out these aren’t attention grabbing, but they are high enough to make you look like a ruunway model.
  • Jack Wills Lace top – A free flowing lace top keeps this outfit from looking masculine, lace is always a girly thing, and the fact that it is a free size top keeps there from being too much structure because both the jeans and the sweater are structured, and you don’t want to look uptight.
  •  Fat Face Knit top –  This is almost a burgundy which according to a ton of fashion bloggers is super trendy right now. And being trendy is a close step to being  classy in most cases (not always though). I would leave this unbuttoned that way you don’t look like an old woman.


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