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Review: Carol’s Daughter Monoi

 Remember when I got this hair product from klout? Well I’ve been using it since, and I have to say that I really love it. I wasn’t really sure if it was going to work for my hair texture at first, or if it was going to make my hair all nasty and oil. Well, it actually works great. I’ve been straightening my hair more, but it works when I leave my hair curly too.

 To apply it after I’ve used my flat iron (I always use chi iron guard before) I put it in starting about mid way through my hair and then brush it in the rest of the way. The difference in my split ends before and after was very noticeable.  I didn’t even have to use hair spray after using it. For curly hair, I just put it on the tips and didn’t brush it out. It wasn’t as soft as it would have been if I had brushed it out, but it was nothing like putting gel in.

Here’s what the pump looks like. It actually comes out easily with the consistency of a thin lotion. If you rub it in your hands though it won’t go into them, which is good since I know a lot of people like to apply products that way. It also smells really good. I’m not exactly sure what to compare it to, but its long lasting, like all day. The product itself lasts all day too. The split ends stayed down until I washed my hair out. 

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