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When Driving Wear

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Rebel Yell long sleeve shirt / Champion , $36 / SUPERGA 2750 Cotu Classic Trainers, $72 / A&F Classic Banded Sweatpants

I’ve been trying to be more productive, to meet my long term goals, but today was kind of a fail. In case you are curious though yesterday was a complete winner. I had a little bit of school work I should have done, although this can be done tomorrow and a few other simple things to do like set up a new account, but I only ended up getting one thing done on my list. Driving. I drove maybe three hours total today, and afterwards I was so tired I took a nap. I didn’t even mean to do it. It was one of those, I’m just going to close my eyes for a second, and then bam. When I woke up I still didn’t realize I had been sleeping until I looked at my clock and noticed that it was two hours later.  Driving is exhausting. But since I’m going to school soon I really did need the practice, so if there was one thing to get done on my list that was it.

What to Wear When Driving, A Car

  • A&F Sweatpants – These are so comfortable. I don’t even care if one of the mean girl rules is not to wear them. Actually this may not even be a rule because I haven’t seen the movie in forever. But they are perfect for a lazy day, and no one is going to see you so what does it matter. ‘
  • Cotu Classic Trainers – Before making these I had never actually heard of this shoe brand, but they are very similar to the pair I wore, and aren’t they cute? You really can’t wear flip flops when driving so that’s why I picked these.
  • Sports Bra – For those days when you don’t want a real one. Which is just about every day for me, but since I’m a classy girl I do it anyways most days. But when you’re in a car what’s the point? 
  • Rebel Yell Crop Top – This actually reminds me of my sailor shirt, but just because they are lose fitting. I really do need to start working out more since lately I’ve been loving showing my stomach. And if you’re thinking I’m a fatty I’m not! I just want more defined ab muscles.   

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