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Activison Family Game Summit

Guess what tomorrow is! Activison’s Family Game Summit. Unfortunately I won’t be able to be at the actual even which is held in New York City, but I will get to watch all the action broadcasting live via the internet. You can watch too! Starting at 1:00 PM EST go to for a live feed.  

In Preparation for the Summit I received a huge box in the mail

At first I thought that I had opened it from the wrong end (because that’s just my talent) but nope I got it right. And from first opening it I knew they put a lot of effort into the package because there is tissue paper! I rarely get tissue paper on presents, even Christmas ones.

When I saw this I almost fainted. Look at all the cool stuff inside! I knew when I signed up to be online at the summit that I has going to be getting a  few products, but they didn’t tell what it would be. I didn’t at all expect this.

So Here is the stuff!

A Trash Pack, which I have no idea what exactly it is. At first I thought it was gummy candy but it isn’t. And a little doll that is a craft. I think that you are supposed to sew her outfits or something. 

An Angry Birds Stuffed Animal. Everything in bigger pictures I plan on keeping and everything smaller I plan on giving away at a later date on either my blog or google plus. For example, I’m not keeping the two things pictured above this stuffed animal but I am keeping the Angry Bird… Isn’t he so cute!? From now on he’s going on my bed.

Skylanders giants. I’m not exactly sure what this is, or what it does but it is for the Wii which I don’t have so I’m going to be giving it away. Maybe one of my readers can figure out how to work it, because all I know is that those monsters are kind of cute. Bratz doll. I loved Bratz dolls when I was younger. I swear I had at least twenty and I would love to keep this one, but I think its time for me to grow up. But isn’t she pretty?
Moshi monsters. Some magazine and a three day trial card for online (not pictured) that also includes pictures. I guess its like webkins? Five 3DS games, which I would love to keep but I don’t have a DS. Since there are so many I’m going to give each individual one instead of giving away all three to one person.

 A Target gift card. There isn’t really a Target near me, but I do really like their store.  Don’t be super jelly because its only $10, so I think I’m just going to buy more clothes and do a haul because some of Target’s stuff is really cute.

 I’m not exactly sure that I’m going to keep these things, because they are completely useless, but they’re growing on me. I can use the key chain for my car keys and the stress ball because well… I have a lot of stress. The transformers is going to be given away.

 Even though this picture is big, I’m going to be giving away the Transformers Wii game, because I don’t have a Wii. I am keeping the Xbox games though because I do have one of those. And I love it.


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