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Thanksgiving With His Family


Full Tilt long sleeve top / J Brand skinny jeans / MICHAEL Michael Kors michael kor / Mulberry red handbag / LOFT knitted scarve / Lip gloss

Thanksgiving is coming up really soon. Actually its less than a week away. I normally have a very laid back dinner with my grandparents on thanksgiving. And a slightly less laid back dinner with my other set of grandparents the night before. I remembered that there is something I used to really stress about

What to Wear:

Thanksgiving with Your Boyfriend’s Family

  • Full Tilt Shirt – The fact that this is plaid isn’t as big of a deal as the fact that it is a button up shirt. You want a shirt that you can tuck in, and to keep you from looking too casual. The shirt shouldn’t be low cut or showing shoulder, because his family could be really conservative.
  • J Brand Skinny Jeans – I have a pair of J brand skinny jeans and I can tell you that they are very comfortable. That’s a good thing because if you over eat they will stretch with your stomach. I like that these jeans are a little bit destroyed because that gives the look that you aren’t trying too hard which I have a problem of doing. 
  • Mulberry red bag – This bag is expensive, at three $3500 but its beautiful. It’s sure to give you a classy sophisticated look although I would recommend a look alike if his family is working class.
  • Red Infinity Scarf – This scarf ties in perfectly with the bag and adds enough pop that you don’t have to put on any type of jewelry for thanksgiving while at the same time giving you a warm inviting look.
  • Michael Kors Booties – Normally I love shoes with a little character but this outfit already has so much red that black is a much better choice. Since its fall the best choice in type of shoe is obviously boots and these booties will make you look taller not just because of the heel.
  • Soft Red Lip – Red lips are always in for fall and winter, but don’t over do it. Go for a more matte color and remember to get warm undertones so that you don’t look cold.
  • Curly Hair – I love romantic looking curls, and if you have long hair they look amazing. For shorter hair I would use a hair curling mousse instead of a curling iron so the curls don’t look too tight. 
  • Black Nail polish – This is a great way to keep you from looking to much like a princess (high maintenance). If black isn’t your thing you could also go for a dark blue. Oh and the is no reason to spend a ton on polishes drugstores have great nail lacquers  

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