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Review: Clear Scalp Shea

Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy
Shampoo and Conditioner
Ultra Shea

I’ve done a review on Clear Therapy Shampoo before, but that one was a little bit different than the products I just received in the mail. That was a 2 in one shampoo & conditioner where these are two separate products and the smell it different! The old bottle smelled clean and these sample bottles smell like shea butter.

The Shampoo.  Strong beautiful hair starts at the scalp. I actually kind of get what they are saying which is surprising for a marketing team. Helps to quench dryness and lock in moisture. I really do have dry hair so this is kind of a good shampoo for me. I think its because of the flat iron and bleaching my hair. When I applied the shampoo, lathered and then rinsed it out, I did actually notice a difference in the smoothness of my hair. It felt tangle free

The conditioner. I know that since I have such dry, damaged hair that I should be constantly applying conditioner. The problem with this though is that my hair also gets oily. I didn’t have a problem with the oily look with this conditioner which is great. No one wants to look like a grease ball.

Packaging and smell. I’m not all that big on the packaging of this shampoo. It looks like something that my mother would like to keep in her bathroom. Actually she does have a few products this color. I do like the smell though a lot of products are shea butter now. 

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