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Skater Skirt

Untitled #59

                               H&M , $13 / Pleated skirt / Converse shoes, $68 / John Lewis , $5.56

How To Wear a Skater Skirt

I’m not going to lie. This isn’t one of my favorite outfits that I’ve made. But I really did try. Its just that the skater skirt trend really isn’t my thing. Actually I’m doing this whole post because I saw a girl wearing one of these skirts in school today, and it looked bad. Terrible actually. She is a pretty girl, and normally dresses very nicely, but this trend is obviously not her thing. How she was wearing it would be something you’d do with a pencil skirt, not a free flowing skirt like this one. I tried my best to style this. Trust me when I say it wasn’t easy. I much prefer my relationship what to wears, like for What to Wear for Thanksgiving and What to Wear for Movie Night.

  • Scuba Skater Skirt – $38. I’ve already spent a paragraph ranting about this skirt, but here goes. Go with a dark color. A dark purple, or green is good. Navy or black are also nice choices. Make sure this skirt isn’t too short. About finger tip length should be good.
  • Long Sleeved Thermal – $13. This H&M top saves the day.  It actually makes this top look cute. I would go with something that has sleeves because it is chilly outside, and this will wearing a skirt in winter okay. I suggest getting something with either a print or a big graphic on it so that attention is drawn to the top. You have to tuck this top in too or else there is no point in wearing the pleated skirt.
  • Hair – Wear your hair up in a pony tail. This will help give you a care free look. I also really like pairing it with a plain white head band. It keeps the hair out of your face without drawing attention to itself.
  • White Converse – I’ve actually been looking for a cute way to wear sneakers and I think that this is it. Normally heels make your legs look longer but with a skirt like this low top shoes will do a great job and sometimes even make your legs look toned.


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