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Bond fire Wear

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The North Face sports sweatshirt / Crop top, $31 / Straight fit jeans / Converse hi top tennis shoes

What to Wear to a Bond Fire

I just had a fire at my house, and I figured I could do a guide on what to wear to a fire. Now I don’t mean a fire where stuff that isn’t supposed to be on fire is burning, I mean like the whole camp fire thing. If your house is on fire, its good to just be wearing anything. And I think you should have a ton of your stuff in your hands. I know that I would. I really have been doing a lot of Polyvores lately in case you haven’t noticed. Take a look at my guide to wearing a skater skirt in case you are curious.

  • Straight Leg Jeans – $48 You are going to want a pair of jeans to wear. One it will be cold, and for two there are sparks everywhere and trust me getting burnt by one doesn’t feel nice. I chose a straight leg pair instead of my normal skinny because this is an outside event. No one is trying to be classy.
  • Swing Tank – $31 This is a top that will always be in style. Its effortless and really comfortable. I love the color of this one, but really anything bright will work just fine. You can also wear a tighter tank top underneath like the tanks I bought from kohls  if the swing tank is sheer.
  • North Face hoodie – $45 I love North Face products. Since there are flames though I wouldn’t recommend using one of their more expensive jackets, but this one is perfect. I’d also be super easy to wash.
  • Converse hi top tennis shoes – I finally found a good outfit that has sneakers. You are going to need these because your feet will get cold if you don’t and they can get burnt and dirty,  This is the other reason I picked straight leg jeans, These would look super funny over skinny leg ones.

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