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Walmart Black Friday Haul

 Since Walmart opened at 8 pm for Black Friday this year, I figured I might as well go. I wasn’t really doing anything anyways. I have tried in previous years to go Black Friday shopping but it really didn’t seem worth getting up early to go. So this is my first time! I decided to make a haul out of it like my previous Walmart beauty haul and Walmart back to school haul.

Since we didn’t really plan this out before we didn’t actually get that much stuff (as you can tell by the picture above).

Standing in line to check out I saw these nasty looking Big Dippers things. Only in America.

 A waffle maker and some dish towels.

 Clothes for my cousins. I think we are giving it to them for Christmas. Two sweatshirts and two pairs of fleece pants (which were super cheap) as well as $25 Walmart gift cards.

 For another relative of mine. The horse was on sale, but I think the suitcase was normal priced.

Baby stuff! None of it was on sale, but I’m going to a baby shower very soon for one of my friends and since I was out I figured I’d get it since the chances of me remembering later are pretty low.


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