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Review: April Cherry Blossom

April Bath and Shower
Cherry Blossom Scent
I received this set from a baby shower actually which is a little funny because this is a shower set. But anyways, back to the product. It’s a set of three travel size bath and shower products. Lotion, shampoo, and body wash. All are supposed to be cherry blossom scented. Which for whatever reason is super popular. 

 Shampoo: This isn’t really a great shampoo, but it isn’t that bad either. If you’re just looking for something to wash your hair then this will be great. Personally I use it after I’ve just gone for a run. It does have a nice smell. If you want something good for your hair though, I’d use Jhirmack Silver Plus Purple Shampoo. So I’d give this a 3/5.

 Body Wash. I’m not a very good judge of body wash, so I may not be the best opinion on this, but I think that it’s pretty good. It doesn’t have any beads (which I love) like the softsoap body wash that I use most of the time. I also use this after I exercise. I only wish that the smell was a little stronger because I love cherry blossom. So I think a 4/5.

Lotion. I’m super picky about lotion, in part because I do a ton of reviews over it. This isn’t really all that bad but it seems like they care more about the smell than about the actual use of this product. If you have dry skin it really would be better to use something like Nivea instead.  But if you’re just look for a good smell this is fine.


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