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To Ski In


Mink Pink , $105 / Great Plains , $215 / Dr. Denim skinny leg jeans, $72 / UGG Australia oversized shoes / Christian Louboutin high heels

I really want to go skiing this winter break. I mean, I’m going to be graduating, isn’t that an accomplishment. I did want a Rolex but I know that isn’t going to happen so for me the next best thing is a ski trip. Oh and I don’t mean so artificial snow mountain either because actually there is one of those pretty close to me. I mean skiing in Canada, or Aspen, I’m sure there are other places too but I’m not an expert so… I’m also not a big fan of uggs but I think this is my second post with ugg boots. Scratch that. I think its my third. Oh well if you have a ton of shoes some are going to turn out nice. And this is about snow which is what boots are made for.  Oh and on a side note this isn’t actually what you should where when you are skiing. Ignore the title.

What to Wear When You Go To Ski

  • Dr. Denim Kissy – $72 I did a post featuring these bright pink skinny jeans  before, but I have to say I like them better this way. I think I was going through an edgy phase that day. These would be comfortable enough that if you fell on the ice you could get back up.
  • Mink Pink Polka Dot – $105 This sweater costs a lot (at least for me) but it is so cute its almost worth it. Polka dots seem to be making a come back lately which is weird because they look awful on most people.
  • Zouluo Platform – $1395 I love super high heels and only on rare occasions are heels wrong to wear. This isn’t really one of them and these shoes along with the pants will make you look tall and thin.
  • Great Plains Gabriel Cash – $215 This will go perfectly with the Louboutin shoes and since its going to be cold at a real ski resort you’ll need a coat.
  • UGG Lattice Cardy – $140 When no one is looking you can change into these shoes because they will be way more comfortable. Since they are so tall they won’t make you look short either.  


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