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Review: Chocolate Scented Candle

Chocolate Scented Candle

I don’t think I’ve ever had a candle quite like this one. Its more of a novelty than the candles I normally have. Which isn’t a bad thing necessary. Just different I guess. Normally I go for the smell, and the lighting ability of a candle, not its looks. I got this candle at the same time that I received the Cherry Blossom Bath and Shower Set, at a baby shower for my friend. If I hadn’t received this there I would have never bought something similar.

Smell. This candle smells, like chocolate, kind of. What I mean is that you know its trying to be like chocolate, but at the same time its just trying. You wouldn’t get this confused with the real thing that’s for sure. Its also really strong when its just lying around. When it burns this is even more so. Its almost overpowering. 

Looks. I really like how this candle looks. It doesn’t actually look like a chocolate piece which is good because you don’t want anyone trying to eat it, but its close enough that its exactly what you think of when you first see it. I love that there is a wax holder around the ball of whatever it is and that there are chocolate sprinkles. This reminds me of my Chocolate Sprinkles drawing 

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