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Winter Dress

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Uniqlo summer dress, $24 / Tweed trench coat, $675 / H&M , $16 / Mimco peep toe heels, $310 / Infinity loop scarve

How to Wear a Dress in Winter 

I’ve said it before (and did a few polyvores about it) but winter is almost here. It is time to put away all the shorts and t-shirts and start wearing clothes that cover all of your body. Unless you aim to look easy. In that case continue to wear the super short skirts.  I always wonder what to do with my summer clothes during this time of year. I could keep them in my closet  or I could box them up because I don’t have that much room in my closet. It is kind of small. I would love to renovate a room in my house to just be a huge closet but I doubt that will happen. I made this though to show how to wear a dress during the cold weather because sometimes you have to. Although I really am not a fan of dresses (or skirts).

  • Draped Pleated Dress – $24 The first thing you need to style a dress in winter is the actual dress. Dark neutral colors are best. Navy, black, and grey. I would stay away from browns though because that is more of a fall color. Since this is more of  a casual outfit find a dress that is loose and doesn’t have any distinctive features.
  • Modcloth Circle Scarf – $12 Whenever you’re wearing a dark outfit a pop of color is always a great thing to have. Since its winter though don’t make it too bright, that is unless it is red. Other great scarf colors are silver, gold and green Infinity scarfs are way in right now.
  • Bollywood Peep Toe – $310 Get the shoes to match the scarf (or vise versa). Sandals and flip flops are a no. Booties although nice for winter don’t really go well with a dress that’s so shapeless. It needs something super feminine so peep toe shows are perfect.
  • Black tights  – $16  This should be a big duh, but when it is cold outside you need something on your legs. That’s what tights are for. Patterned black tights are the best but make sure they aren’t stripper tights like the pair I bought awhile back.
  • Liberty Freedom Coat – $675 A long semi casual coat. Military style is really in right now Try not to have it too puffy or too short. A medium length trench coat is best. 


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