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What To Wear When Baking

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Velvet by Graham & Spencer red long sleeve shirt, $110 / Proenza Schouler skinny leg jeans, $305 / UGG Australia / Retro Cherries Apron

What To Wear When You Bake

I’ve really wanted to bake something lately. I don’t mean like when I made the soft pretzel kit, but real baking. Which is something I need to work on if I’m ever going to become a housewife, a good one that is. I’m sure there are plenty that don’t do well at cooking. But since practice makes perfect when it comes to cooking, and really most things, I figured I’d make something. The problem is motivation though. I’m a fashion blogger (sort of) so I came up with a great outfit to get me inspired to bake. 

  • Retro Cherry Apron – $30 Of course if you’re going to be working in the kitchen you are going to want an apron. It doesn’t matter if you are going to get your clothes dirty or not, its just a part of the uniform. I saw a few retro aprons that looked more like dresses then an apron, but I thought this cherry one was a nice medium between the two.
  • Velvet T-Shirt – $110 Okay it isn’t really velvet, which would be super cool, but it is really pretty. Not to mention you need something under your apron and I think this would really pull out the cherry pattern.
  • White Jeans – $305 White jeans (which can be dangerous) are a must when you start baking. They make you feel like a real live chef. Maybe even a fancy french one. Oh and as for them being skinny, that’s just my thing with jeans.
  • UGG Ansley – $100 I don’t wear shoes in my house. Its not so much that I walk around in a bunch of dirt as it is a habit for me. But as you can see by from my essie miss fancy pants review I have tile floor which gets really cold, all the time. Even if it isn’t that cold outside the floor is freezing. So I wear slippers. 

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