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Gingerbread Pop Cakes

I think that this may be turning into a cooking blog. I used to do a lot of beauty reviews and fashion posts, but it seems like more and more I’ve been doing posts on what I’m eating or some type of food that I made. The only defense I have is that my cooking really isn’t that great. 

  This kit to make cake pops was bought for me so I figured I could try it out. Now normally kits are pretty easy to do and don’t contain too many steps for example the soft pretzel kit I tried out. Well this one is nothing like that. This Cake Pop Gingerbread men kit has so many directions. I had to collage the pictures so my blog wouldn’t become overrun with little men.

 When I opened up the kit I was surprised at how many different things there were inside. Icing mix, display sticks and box, cake mix, chips, and sprinkles. Oh yeah and an adorable cookie cutter. First thing I did was pre heat the oven. The I took some butter and put it in a microwavable dish. I then put the mix in the bowl and and got out the egg and measured out the water. After microwaving the butter it had to sit for five minutes so I found the pan I was going to use.

I then sprayed the inside of the pan with no stick spray. I think that I used a little too much, but at least my cake mix didn’t stick to the pan. After that the butter was cooled down so I added the egg, water and butter and put it in the mixer. After it was done I put it in the cake pan and into the oven which had finished heating to 350. Since I had to reuse the mixer I had to wash out the bowl and dry it.
I started on the icing while I waited for the cake to be finished.  The butter was supposed to be left out so that it was soft, I decided to squish it out to make sure it was ready which was a dumb idea that ended up wasting a lot of it. It then went in the mixer, after it was soft I added the icing mix and some milk and put it in the oven. After it was done I put it in the refrigerator to cool for five minutes and the crumbled it up. As you can tell by the picture when I added the milk I was a little too enthusiastic. I forgot to spray my rolling pin with no stick spray, so cake crumbs stuck to it. 

Look how cute the little cookie cutter it. And it actually makes the shapes pretty well. I had to cut out 20 of the ginger bread men and then put them in the freezer. After being in there a while I heated up the chips in the microwave and then tried to get the little men on the sticks and dip them in, and they fell apart. Fail. I think I might have to stick to reviewing drugstore nail polish. I added sprinkles to a few, but when I tried to heat more chips I burnt them (or as I’d like to think caramelized them).
And here is the finished project. They taste good, but look terrible since I couldn’t use the sticks. At least thanks to my guide to looking good in the kitchen I looked good doing it.

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