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Grunge Style

Untitled #70

3.1 Phillip Lim racerback tank top / Current/Elliott floral print skinny jeans / Black high heels

The New Grunge

In the early 1990’s the Grunge trend was in full swing in part brcause of  bands of the era. It was a very different trend than the previous styles. Maybe it’s just me, but I think that the trend is coming back, but in a less gross way. I normally do posts on more feminine things like dresses for a Christmas dance but I figured that I could do something a little more risky with my fashion posts. A great tip for making this look work is to focus on the makeup. Dark is good, but don’t end up looking like a raccoon 

  •   Metallic Tank – $200 A loose black tank top is a great piece to have. It looks good  by itself or under a jacket. I really like the 3.1 Phillip Lim one in the post, and actually it reminds me of the one from my Nordstrom Rack Haul.
  • Doll House Booties– $45 Booties are really in during the winter (but they always are). The black is perfect for keeping the grunge from looking dirty. It will also lengthen the legs very well.
  • Current Grey Floral – $206 I actually have a pair of grey floral jeans but they are a little bit more dimensional then this pair. I think these are more grunge and my pair as more rocker. I like that these are skinny cut as well.

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