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Impress Him, What to Wear

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What to Wear to Impress Him Casual

So you haven’t talked in a while. Either because of a break up, or school (winter break is coming up) or really a multitude of other reasons. So you’re going to see him and you don’t know what to wear. You guys aren’t going to a dinner or a late night date. Just hanging out and catching up together. This isn’t the time to pull out the fancy dress and get your hair done all fancy. This isn’t even the time for a skater skirt (unless you never wear pants). You should look casual, and warm. Not super trendy. For the your hair I’d recommend soft curls or just wavy hair. Light makeup for sure and either a french manicure or no nail polish at all.

  • See by Chloe – $315 I really like colored jeans, but they are so loud. A good compromise is a medium grey color. Of course like most of my jean picks these are skinny jeans. A trend that I’ve been seeing lately that you should NOT follow is getting high waisted  jeans. It doesn’t make your legs look longer. Just your hips more awkward.
  • Cecelia Boots – $130 I love Aldo. Actually I have a friend who is a die hard fan of the brand, which is how I started looking at their shoes. Boots are of course in for the winter, and high heels make your legs look long.
  • Scoop Neck Tee – $13 I seriously expected this polka dot sweater to be expensive, but its not. Polka dots are very cute and ultra girl. Perfect to impress that boy.
  • Tiffany and Co Necklace – $275 I actually did a Tiffany and Co haul where I bought Villa Pendant in gold, but with this blue silver is a much better choice. Although I don’t like that it tarnishes. 

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