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Classy Mini Skirt

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How to Look Classy in a Mini Skirt

I tend to do a lot of posts on outfits that you can wear for different occasions, like dressing for a movie night. If you want to see more, you can just look back at my old polyvores. That’s what the majority are. I have though done something similar to this mini skirt guide a few weeks ago with my How to Wear a Skater Skirt blog post. I really do like short skirts, but they have this big problem of making girls look, easy. I especially hate when women hike them up so high that if they sit the wrong way, everyone is going to be seeing everything. That’s why I made these guide to wearing a mini skirt, while maintaining your class.
  • Banded Skirt, BCBGMAXAZRIA – $138 I’m not really sure how to pronounce the brand but I love the skirt, and a lot of their dresses are cute as well. The fact that it is banded means that even though it is tight, it doesn’t look like it was painted on, and the bright color draws the right kind of attention.
  • Cable Pullover, Boy by Band of Outsiders – $545 Whites are really in for the winter. They tend to make a person look clean, crisp, and put together. A pullover goes really well with a mini skirt to sort of off set the tightness of the skirt, and I just think the cable pattern is classic.
  • Nude Peep toe pumps, Giuseppe Zanotti – $695 Remember how I said that girls hike up their mini skirts? Well, a lot of times they do it to make their legs look longer, but there is a much safer way of going about this, just wear heels. The best kind for making your legs look long though are nude pumps because you leg, and foot sort of become one (totally different than cankles). I really like that this Giuseppe Zanotti pair is peep toe because then everyone can see your super cute nail polish. I recommend using something like the Avon strawberry Speed Dry polish I have.
  • Coated Canvas Tote, Burberry – $1295 I love a lot of Burberry check prints and this is one of them. The bag easily matches the shoe and doesn’t take away from the mini skirt in the least. Its also a great everyday bag because you can just wipe it off.

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