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Cowboy Boots and Tribal Dress

Cowboy boots
How to Wear Cowboy Boots and a Tribal Print Dress

I really did make a simple polyvore today, although only a few of mine are all that complicated, like my How to Wear a Winter Dress post, and really even that isn’t all that bad, just a few more steps than the normal how to. But then you have to do makeup and such. That’s why I prefer to do things like my Grunge Style Tips , sweet and simple. About this post though. I decided to do a really odd combination, cowboy boots and a dress with Tribal print. I had an early kind of Christmas Dinner with my mother’s side of the family because five people came to visit but won’t be staying until Christmas. Later we are going to have a dinner at my house where I think we’ll exchange presents… maybe. I wanted to wear something very informal as well as warm because I figured I would be going outside and playing with my cousin’s young children, which I did.

  • Tribal Dress, Eternal Sunshine – $176 Tribal dresses may be African (I think) but with its geometric pattern it is perfect for standing out without being the least bit loud. The main reason I picked this dress though is because it looks warm. Sleeveless dresses really aren’t meant for the winter.
  • Fleece Lined Tights, Otteny – $38 Yet another thing to ward off the cold weather. Even though it is December though, I really don’t think that the weather has been all that bad. Very mild so far where I am.
  • Denver Western Boot, DSW – $80 I really have been in love with cowboy boots lately, which is weird because I still like to do things like make a mini skirt classy  so maybe its just a phase, because it does take a lot of planning since i don’t live somewhere like Texas. For wearing with something other than jeans light colored boots really are a lot better, and please don’t go for something bright like pink or green. It looks tacky.

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