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Wearing a Bustier Top

How to Wear a Bustier Top

I’m not sure why, but I really do have trouble finding bustiers. Even on the internet they are kind of a rarity. I love them though. I think that its because my stomach is my best feature (although since it is the holidays this may not last) which isn’t true for most people. I decided to make a polyvore similar to the Classy Mini Skirt Guide, to show my readers how to make a bustier look classy, something that isn’t as hard as it may seem. Even though this outfit is classy it still isn’t something that you can wear to school, and not to a job interview but depending on where you work this might be okay.

  • Selma Bustier Top, Guess – $98 The best color to get a bustier top in is a simple black. Bright colors just draw a little too much attention to your chest to keep this looking classy. I did have trouble finding a proper bustier, and actually even found it easier to buy something like my Lace Coquette Corset than this.
  • Cropped Jacket, Mango – $115 White is a perfect way to class up just about anything, and a blazer always looks nice with a bustier. I love that this one is fitted (something that is a must) and its texture is nice too.
  • Coral Skinny Jean, The Look – $187 You really could pair this with black pants, but not so much with regular jeans. You could even use something like the floral jeans from my Nordstrom Rack haul, but I figured the pink was a nice bright color to contrast the black and white.
  • Black Pumps, Casadei – $1300 I love high heels. They look nice with skinny jeans (duh) and the jeweled heel makes them unique. I picked black because too much color can be really easy with a bustier and then you don’t look classy. 

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