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Meeting Parents, How To Dress

  • Straight Leg Jeans, $365 – I’m pretty sure that I’m the only style blogger that wouldn’t recommend wearing a skirt, but there are two big reasons for that. For one as you can tell by the amount of jeans I own  I really like them. For the second reason, it was really cold outside, and I just thought of a third. Skirts aren’t the most comfy thing to wear while sitting on a couch. I picked straight leg over skinny due to the fact that they are more neutral, because it was Christmas and it is parents.
  • Isabelle Ballet, $75 – The shoes didn’t even matter because they don’t wear them in their house but I still wanted nice looking shoes! I love that these have suede on the sides adding a little bit of uniqueness to the design. I would not wear any type of heels for something like this.
  • Painted Dots Tank, $58 – I think a lot of people would disagree with wearing a tank top, but as long as it isn’t low cut its perfectly fine. It also adds a little bit of a feminine touch to the outfits since I paired it with jeans.
  •  Winter White Coat, $150 – Winter white is very much in right now and its the perfect trend to wear for a more serious occasion. It doesn’t shout like a lot of fashion statements do.

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