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Winter Date, What to Wear

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What to Wear on a Date in Winter

Lately it seems like I’ve been doing a lot of relationship related outfits, like the one on what to wear when you meet his parents but here’s another one. I think its the first one that I’ve done for a “fancy date” because most of the time I do ones like Outfits for Movies at Home where the guide just says to basically wear a nice shirt, jeans, and a nice pair of shoes (not high heels).  Okay, that’s over simplifying it but you get what I’m saying. For this though I wanted to make a guide for a more dressy date and just like planning a date in the winter, dressing for one really is quite a bit harder. 

  • Crochet mohair sweater – Red really is the perfect color for winter and it looks good with  almost all skin types and hair colors. I love crochet sweaters because they aren’t tightly woven together which allows you some breathing room. I think a white tank top looks best under this just because any other color could be over powering. The mohair is really nice to feel, which is a plus for any date.
  • Skating Skirt, Sophie Hermann – $426 As I said before I rarely do polyvores with skirts, because honestly I don’t really wear them that often. For a fancy winter date though I think a skirt is needed. I know a lot of people think that tights are a necessity for the winter, but really don’t do it unless its way below freezing. With a black skirt, its just too much fabric and not enough skin showing. 
  • Gold Peep toe pump – $945 Of course I had to add a pair of Louboutins every shoe his makes looks fantastic even if the price is a little high. For a fancy date high heels are a good thing, just make sure you won’t be walking around too much. I actually have a flat gold shoe from Chinese Laundry that works. Gold though is a must for the holidays.

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