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Review: Cashmere Glow Body Lotion

Bath & Body Works
Cashmere Glow
Body Lotion

I was given this lotion for Christmas by some relative of mine. They do this weird “santa bag” thing with some of the smaller presents, so really I have no idea who it was that gave me this. Actually I received another Bath & Body Works lotion that day as well, so I’ll be doing another similar review very soon. Cashmere glow is a holiday lotion similar to the Bath & Body Works Frosted Cranberry Lotion. By similar I mean that they are both seasonal, smell good, and work fairly well. The smells are actually nothing alike. The other Christmas lotion I received though smells very similar to the Bath & Body Works Breathe Happiness Lotion. I mean eerily so.

The Smell

It seems that the primary focus of Bath & Body Works products are smell, and packaging. I would give this lotion’s smell a four out of five. Its more adult like than most of the lotions I own, which can be a nice change but its just a little too light. I would describe the scent as a mix of carmel and pine. Now that may not seem like something that is all that great blended together, but it really does smell nice.


I love this smaller size of lotion, because I feel like with the large ones I get tired of the smell way before the bottle is empty. This can be especially bad when its a holiday scent, where you feel out of season if you wear it too long. The bottle is brown, and has candles on it which looks rather nice for the holidays I think.


I never think of Bath & Body Works as the best moisturizing or skin repairing lotions. If I’m looking for   something to fix my skin when its very dry I normally go to my Nivea Creme Tin Lotion not to a “smell good” lotion. Cashmere glow says though that it has vitamin e, jojoba, and shea butter all things that are very good for your skin. After applying it I did notice a little difference in the feel of my skin, so I guess they don’t do to bad with usage.


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