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Review: Frosted Snowberry Body Lotion

Bath & Body Works 
Frosted Snowberry
Body Lotion

Just yesterday I wrote about the Cashmere Glow Body Lotion that I was given for Christmas at a family event. Well, this is the other lotion that I received that day. Actually I was a few different beauty product that I might be reviewing in the future. Two nail polishes a skin care item, homemade soap, and a perfume set. I am starting school next week though (which makes me extremely nervous) so I may not have quite as much time to be writing reviews. When I think about it though I think over break, I’ve been writing less than when I was actually in school. Weird, right?


Frosted Snowberry has a very noticeable fruity smell, something I assume is because it is “berry”. There isn’t really much of a frosty smell though, I would expect that to be something sugary. It is very sweet smelling though not exactly the same thing. Although this is a holiday traditions seasonal lotion it smells very similar to the Breathe Happiness Bath & Body Works Lotion. They are both very light both in color and smell, with the Breathe Happiness just being slightly more melon smelling.


The Frosted Snowberry Body Lotion is part of Bath & Body Works’s Holiday Traditions Collections, which is a set of seasonal products that are available only in the winter months. The front features a long eared dog (sorry I don’t know how else to describe it!) playing in the snow. The cap and the label are blue and the bottle is clear, while the lotion inside is a sort of blue green that creates this color on the outside of the bottle.  I do really like the small size of this bottle, so that I can carry it easily.


This is the type of lotion really is more for smell and looks than it is for usage. And that’s okay. Its Bath & Body Works and its not like this is a “bad” lotion, it just doesn’t have the extra stuff that a lot of lotions contain to make them better for skin. A great lotion to try for long term skin improvement is EOS Active Care Lotion


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