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What to Wear to Yoga

yoga pants
An Outfit for Yoga Class

For me What to Wear to  Yoga is very similar to What to Wear on a Lazy day. Basically its just me trying to wear yoga pants and not look lazy doing it. At least in this outfit I’m wearing the yoga pants for their actual intention. To be worn when doing yoga. Lets face it though, they are only a step (maybe even just a half step) up from wearing sweatpants. And sweatpants are only okay when people can’t see you wearing them, like my outfit for long car drives. Back to Yoga though. I really do love my once a week hour and a half classes, which I had today.  Its not the most relaxing yoga class ever but it does give me a little bit of a work out, something that I really do need. And at the end of the class I’m all relaxed and I feel so much better. 
  • Sequin Yoga Tank, Victoria’s Secret – $33 Whenever I do yoga, I prefer to wear a loose top, because my stomach never looks nice during poses. Its awkward angles and even if it didn’t look bad, it just wouldn’t be comfortable to do. The racerback makes it perfect to go with a sports bra, and the sequins take away at least a little bit of the casual feel.
  • Boot Cut Yoga Pants, Victoria’s Secret – $40 Yoga pants for yoga. Wow, what a strange idea. These are from Victoria’s secret just like the tank top. I’ve done a Victoria’s secret haul before, but not for clothes (although I do own a few). It seems that this has become more popular recently. I love the top of these specific pants because they have a decorated waist band. I really recommend using these over regular sweat pants because they are so stretchy.
  • Training Sports Bra, Nike – $35 This isn’t the kind of sports bra for jogging. Its specifically for more moderate exercise making it a little bit more comfortable to wear than the average sports bra. Really a normal bra won’t work for yoga, at least not one with underwire.
  • Dual Fusion Sneakers, Nike – $80 You don’t actually wear shoes when  you’re doing yoga, but its nice to actually have some that match your outfit for before and after. This is actually the reason that I used boot cut yoga pants instead of skinny legged ones. So as not to look awkward.
  • Yoga Mat, Alexander Wang – $150 This isn’t really your average yoga mat. Its croc embossed. It is nice though, and I had to add something that is a little bit over the top to this polyvore.

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