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Clothes to Wear in College

College Wear

What to Wear to College

I already did one post about how to dress for college as well as a post about what I thought my college wardrobe would consist of. I of course had to update this, because the first one was based on when I thought that I would be going to a small private college, and everything is a little fancy and high maintenance looking. For the school I’m going to go to now I would look so out of place. The small private college was in the city so I feel like trendy things could work there, but not so much at the school I’m going to now. In the second polyvore (actually this one was done first) I was planning on living in a big University town where I’m sure everyone dresses in this way. But I would feel so lazy if I did that. I think that this polyvore that I made is  very similar to how I’m actually going to dress for college, and I should know since next week I’m starting. This is a little bit winter themed so I’m sure when it gets warm I’ll have another “style”.

  • White Skinny Jeans, Emilo Puucci – $465 I really do love blue jeans, but to be honest I’m getting a little bit tired of them. I do have a few colored jeans (only two actually) but I rarely wear them because they aren’t exactly the norm. White though is a totally acceptable daily color, but it isn’t as regular as blue jeans. White can be a hard color though because it shows stains so easily.
  • Geraldine Sweater, Marc Jacobs – $375 This is the part of the outfit that is here because it really is winter outside. And looking at my schedule classes end before May even starts, so I think the majority of times I will be wearing something warm. I love the look of a big sweater and skinny jeans, as long as the person isn’t completely drowning in the sweater.
  • Blueberry Classic Short, UGG – $270 Although a lot of people aren’t all that into UGG boots but I’ve made at least a few outfits that look good with UGGs and really they do look good if they’re done right. Not only that, but its going to be really cold for a few more months and UGGs are warm.
  • Mini Messanger, Proenza Schouler – $1945 I’m really starting to like messenger bags, as well as cross body bags. I think that they look a lot nicer than a backpack and are a lot easier to keep track of too.

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