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Domeo iPad Case

I was contacted by Domeo Products and was offered one of their iPad cases to review.  When I went to their site I was surprised by the look of their cases, I expected to see a variety of similar looking cases with the only real difference being the color of the product but my assumption was incorrect. What I saw was a collection of innovative looking products that aren’t just to protect the iPad, but to make it more function able as well.

After looking through their catalog (which was very interesting) I decided on the Recliner Folio iPad Case. It has a few features that I was really in to.

  • “Bubble protection” interior keeps iPad screen scratch-free while iPad case providing 7 viewing options
  • Soft yet durable exterior materials provides comfortable handling and feel
  • iPad case includes stylus loop holder
  • Auto wake/sleep magnets in iPad case save battery life and allow for quick start-up

 Here’s that case completely open. Its extremely light weight, and thanks to the bubble protection I’m not nearly as worried about dropping my iPad or setting things on on top of it. Oh yeah, and when its all closed up, its completely protected from scratches.

 This is one of the seven viewing options. The case came with an instruction page explaining how to fold it in all of the different ways. They really aren’t hard to figure out, and I was able to get all of the different ways to work without much effort.

 This is by far my favorite viewing option. Before receiving this case I had to either hold my iPad up in my hand or lay it down and look over top of it if I wanted to watch a video. Since this case folds up I can easily set it down on a table and watch videos, comfortably.

 It has a magnetic flap on the side of the case. This is so much easier than having to latch it shut. This magnet also is a wake, sleep one. Meaning that when you open the case the iPad automatically lights up, and when you close the case it goes into hibernate. You can also see the built in loop, an extra feature that might be convenient.

The back of the case has a cut out for the camera, a feature I was surprised to find. I rarely use this camera, but it would be super annoying if I wanted to and then I had to take my iPad out of the Domeo case.
Because the people at Domeo Products are so kind they offered my readers a 20% discount, HML and they always have free shipping. They also are giving one of my readers their own iPad case, so look for that later this week on here.


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