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Winter Dress Style

Winter Boots
Wearing a Dress in Winter

It seems like I’m starting to become a bit more of a girl lately. I’m not exactly sure when this started to happen but I know I did another winter dress outfit in November so this has been happening for at least that long. I remember last year I would not have even thought of doing this, simply because that would mean I’d have to shave my legs. Something I don’t really have to do when I wear one of my many pairs of jeans. I’ve also started to become a little more fond of high heels. I’ve always like the way the look, but until recently they haven’t seemed worth it.

  • Tube Mini Dress, Saint Laurent – $1990 Baby doll dresses are very cute on a lot of figures and are perfect for layering. They have a way of making legs look longer, while maintaining some curves. For the winter I really like the black.
  • Platform Ankle Boots, Jeffery Campbell – $190 I really have started to like high heels recently and these shoes are no exception. Platform shoes are amazing because you can have the heel much higher than you normally could. The nude color also extends the leg. Of course being boots these are a good winter trend.
  • Tweed Jacket, Liberty Freedom – $235 Military inspired items are still really in right now and a trendy piece is a great way to add a little bit to a basic black dress. It’s not too much either, which can happen in winter.
  • Satchel – $180 I love simple black and white bags. I’ve also been really into satchel styled bags since I started back at school. I had wanted a backpack that was like that, but I ended up with a $15 Walmart backpack, which is fine because it does what I want it to.

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