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Review: Clarins Paris Energizer Cream

Energizer Cream Review by Bahbohh
Hey! I am Bahbohh from
Today I am guest blogging on Hanna Marie’s lovely blog!
I’m going to review the day cream/gel from Clarins which I really like,
let’s learn more about this face cream…
Brand: Clarins Paris.
Type: Moisturizing Cream (day cream).
Targeted for:  Young skin.
Texture: Gel/Cream and feels cold.
Promised effects: Moist skin, brightening effect, unite the colors of your face, shine control to make your skin matte.
Results: I’ve used it for about 2 / 3 days now and the effects are already visible! It moisturizes very well, I was worried that my skin would be greasy but no! It is hydrated at a perfect point, throughout the day.
 It also prevents from pimples. My skin’s color is visibly more united, no intense redness like I used to have.
I can clearly see my complexion is brighter, but not the kind of shine that looks greasy, the good bright effect that inspires ‘healthy skin’. Best of all, it makes the skin matte.
How to use it?
I like using it just before my BB cream, it blends very well.
I like applying it in the morning, it works as a makeup base too!
You can use it night (before sleep) and/or morning (before makeup if you wear)
I recommend this for dryer skin types. And even if you have a skin that tends to have excessive sebum, you can still use this moisturizing cream (after washing your face with a special product).
My opinion: I find this cream really good and effective. Very hydrating, smells nice, and embellishes your skin.

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