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How to Wear Combat Boots

Combat Boot Wear
Combat Boots Outfit

When I started out making this What to Wear guide it was going to be for a SuperBowl party, or really just a party in general, I actually did a football game outfit guide last year that is really similar to what I might have done for the SuperBowl party guide (something I think I’ll end up doing later this week) except this time around I was going to be a little bit more classy. But that doesn’t matter now, because I ended up doing a guide on wearing combat boots because I really love these. They have been trending for a while now and are perfect for the weather in my area right now, because there is a ton of mud and snow. I feel like I’ve successfully made these boots into a more feminine outfit while keeping it fairly casual. So if I don’t come up something new later this week, this would work very well for Sunday’s game.
  • Green Pullover, Hello – $50 A simple sweatshirt is a great way to keep what you’re wearing looking casual. It gives the military boots something to keep you from appearing like you plan on going and taking over a small country. The cute phrase on the front adds a whimsical feel and the sea-foam green color makes it a little bit more feminine, a needed feature for such a masculine shoe.
  • Light Skinny Jeans,  Mother the Looker – $99 I really do love jeans as you can see,  but that isn’t the only reason I paired the boots with them. There isn’t really any better way to wear them, because they look awful with skirts. I feel like its something a farm girl from the 40’s would wear. Too much of a difference between the two. I wanted a very light jean,  to balance out the dark color of the boots.
  • Gold Bangle, Tiffany & Co – $7500 I love Tiffany and Co, and I’ve done a Tiffany & Co Haul with a Paloma item and I can tell you that they really are nice. Gold is what I prefer over silver because it is so much easier to manage.  I like bangles over more delicate bracelets because they make the wrist look little.
  • Combat Boots, Target – $40 When I saw these military style boots I couldn’t pass them up. Especially when I saw that they came from Target. I never realized Target has such nice things, and they are cheap too. I styled this whole outfit around them, and I think its something that can be worn anywhere you’d dress casually.

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