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Superbowl Game Outfit

Football wear
What to Wear to a Superbowl Party

Its kind of funny, because when I did my how to wear combat boots post I talked about how I planned to make that into a football outfit guide, but instead made it about combat boots. Well this polyvore also happens to contain military style shoes. I think though that is the only real similarity between the two though they are interchangeable. Meaning that if you want to do this to wear combat boots it’ll work (obviously) and if you want to wear the other outfit to a football party, go for it. Of course I’m going to have to add a small disclaimer to this post. This is an outfit guide for a very laid back Superbowl party (think midwest), I did however do a post last year for what to wear to a football game, that is a little bit higher end that might be more your style.
  • Basic Sweater, Topshop – $35 Really, unless you’re sure that everyone at the party is going to be wanting the same team to win, don’t wear a t-shirt with your favorite team on it. It’s just not necessary. Oh, and never wear a team jersey, that’s for little kids or fanatics going to the game. You’ll just end up looking silly. A simple sweater however is perfect. Red is the perfect color to wear it in, especially since its February.
  • Dot Jeans, Marc Jacobs – $290  This is how you add a little bit of girly, feminineness to your outfit without looking terribly out of place. These jeans are quite expensive, but a few weeks ago I did a kohls haul where I bought some that were similar for less than $30 so that could be a good alternative for you. I wouldn’t recommend wearing a skirt or dress.
  • Military Boots, Marc Jacobs – $300 A second piece from Marc Jacobs. Even though these are combat boots, they almost fall into a casual chic look something that is perfect for your average football game viewing. There really isn’t any point in wearing uber fancy shoes because everyone is going to be focused on the game.
  • Checkbook Wallet, Coach – $218 I used to be super into Coach during high school, and although I wouldn’t say its one of my “favorite” brands, the do make nice mid ranged bags. I’m not a big fan of carrying around a bunch of extra things so something like this is perfect for a day when you don’t really need anything.

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