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The Lucky Labs

Recently I was contacted by The Lucky Labs to do a review of one of their iPad skins. They’re a USA based USA made decal for all things Apple. They started out with covers for iPads, and then moved on to iPhones and now they even make covers for Macbooks. It came in a plain envelope with the decal completely protected on the inside.

 The package came with directions about how to put on the skin, which of course I only sort of read. But even for me getting this on wasn’t a big deal at all. I just cleaned off my iPad (it was looking a little nasty) and then I put on the decal. I do have to warn you though to make sure you punch out all the cut outs before you place it on because it isn’t easy to do when they are stuck on. There aren’t any other tips to give though because it really is simple.

 Here’s what it looks like on. I got the Teksure Full Body Skin, it sells for $30 and because its so thin, you can use a protective clear cover over it. I really like the the wood looks to it and it looks even cooler in person. Its a little thicker than I though it would be which is great if you just plan on using this because it’ll keep away the scratches. It also has a front sticker.

If you want your own, be sure to go to

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