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Night & Day Dress

Day to Night Dress
Dress for Day and Night
Even though this is a how to style for making a dress go from day to night it is very similar to my winter date outfit in the fact that they both will work for a Valentines Day date outfit. By date I mean a fancy dinner, or night on the town, because I know that that isn’t the only kind of Valentines date I might be doing a few outfit guides this week for less traditional date nights. Actually that’s the kind of date that I’m going to be going on for the weekend after Valentines Day, to the circus. I think that the circus itself will be fun, but I do have a rant that might be come about who I’m going with. Just a lot of stress maybe. Back to the outfit guide though. I made it because I myself don’t wear dresses a lot so I love making outfits where I can make the dress look completely different and use it for multiple things. The day time dress outfit would work for if I have to show a project (or something similar) and can’t wear my normal college wear, the bottom works for any formal affair short of a black tie event.
  • Tiered Dress, Ruche – $43 Black can be a little hard to pull off for a day time outfit, but I think that the texture makes it work. If it were just a smooth slinky thing then I would say no at all to being a day time look. The fact that its a little lose helps this as well.Although you cant see it there is a key hole back that gives it a slight edge for the night time look. The important thing for a day night dress is to make sure its neither too cute or too sexy.
  • Blazer, indressme – $50 Obviously this is part of the day time look. Its a bright almost neon color which is great considering that bright colors still seem to be really in (something I love). A blazer gives it a more put together, business look. This can be as fitted as you want but I’d stay away from actually buttoning the blazer, it’ll look awkward with the textured dress.
  • Lace up flats, sammydress – Obviously I love flat shoes because they are so easy to wear, and are perfect for a less casual, day look. Oxfords aren’t as in style as they used to be but they still look stylish. The soft pink matches the bright pink blazer without it being too similar or too loud.
  • Glitter Peep toe, Christian Louboutin – $945 Of course any Louboutin is going to make a day outfit turn into something that looks good for the night. Recently I’ve seen a ton of shoes with red soles that aren’t louboutin. I think they lost a lawsuit or something.
  • Valextra Clutch, Barneys – $1110 I really don’t like to carry bags but bags I feel like a lot of times its needed. A simple clutch is so much sleeker looking than a bag would be, and the pop of color helps for the night time look.

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