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Spring Break Trip

Spring Break Packing
What to Bring on a Spring Break Beach Vacation
I haven’t done a polyvore lately so here’s one featuring everything Pink, and if you even glance at the pictures its pretty obvious I mean the Victoria’s Secret brand, not the color. I’ve done a shower gel review over on of Pink’s beauty products (which I really liked by the way) as well as a few Victoria’s Secret Hauls. For an affordable brand that sells lingerie Victoria’s Secret has to be one of my favorites. They also sell clothing, swimsuits and beauty products. Their swimsuits are possibly my favorite (not including lingerie) because of the variety Any color, any style and any size oh yeah and for flat chested girls like me the have a ton of options of padded tops. Some of which increase cup size by two. 
This though is a guide for what to pack on beach trip for spring break, although I’m not going to the beach I think it still applies to me. I’ll actually be hanging out at my grandparents pool for the whole week since I decided I really do need to spend a little time with them. After making this I noticed three key things that are missing flip-flops, sunscreen, and sunglasses. So don’t forget to include those.

  • Bandeau Swim Top, Victoria’s Secret – $20-$30. I love bandeau swim tops. Obviously they aren’t the type of swim wear that will work work girls that are uh fuller figured, but for someone with a C or less I think that it’ll be fine. They don’t leave the awful tan lines that other tops may give you, and in the chest area they actually provide more coverage. For these I almost always try to match the top and the bottom, and for colors either a cool pattern or a neon is great.
  • Backpack, Victoria’s Secret – $50 If at all possible I try and refrain from bringing a huge suitcase on a trip, even if its a week long. I normally bring a backpack and a huge beach bag and use this to carry all of my stuff. Even if you don’t do this a backpack can be a nice change to the general beach bag because it holds more stuff and its easier to carry, not to mention you can use it more than just on those beach trips.  I love the small water bottles that are available for $13 from Victoria’ Secret to go with it.
  • Tank Coverup, Victoria’s Secret – $23-$27 I used to love just having a pair of denim shorts as a swim suit coverup but as I’ve gotten older I think that I’ve started to like the look of a tank top instead. Not to mention the fact that it protects your shoulders. Victoria’s Secret offers a ton of options for these and they are something that doesn’t just have to be worn at the beach, I like them for yoga wear as well.

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