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Dressing Retro Style

Dress Retro
How to Dress Retro

For some reason it seems like retro style is really in right now. Now normally I do more of my style kind of clothing guides like How to Wear a Mini Skirt but I’ve seen so many bad retro outfits that I hope this guide can at least help a few people. The point isn’t to look like a house wife 60’s but a fashionable woman (girl in my case) who likes to borrow trends from the past. I’ve heard that people like to do these kind of trends that way their clothes are always in style. Don’t fall for this though, because with that theory UGG boots are always in style. Although I can’t say that much about that because I’ve done a post on How to Style UGGs.
  • Bow Tie Dress, Kate Spade – $478 This is a very retro type of thing but I think that its not that unique for her designs. She likes to do cute things like this. I chose this as the main piece to go off of because of the very busy pattern, and I decided to build everything else around it. When you have something like this I would recommend doing it the same way or else you’re going to look so odd, and full.
  • Oversized Clutch – $69 I am not a big fan of bags, so it seems whenever I do some type of dress related outfit I just add a clutch, because without the pockets something is needed to carry all of your things in. I see a lot of people carrying cross overs with these type of dresses but really do you need that much stuff? Not to mention a lot of times people end up looking like they are seven.
  • Peep toe pump, Fendi – $630 I specifically chose this shoe because of the bow detail. Its perfect to go with the bow tie dress but unless you look at it specifically you won’t notice how matchy matchy it is. A black shoe also doesn’t distract from the patterned dress.
  • Double Cloth Coat, J-Crew – $260 Its still winter time so of course with a dress I want to have a coat. This yellow adds the perfect pop to a plain black and white color scheme. If yellow isn’t your thing a bright blue or red can do it too, but I think they are second and third to yellow.

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