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Review: Olay Fresh Effects

Olay Fresh Effects
Powered Control Cleansing System

So here’s another product that I received from the Voxbox and its the last for me to review. There was also a granola bar inside of it (if you clicked the link you can see it!) but I even though I’ve done a few food posts I don’t think that I could write more than fifty words over a single piece of food. So back to the Olay Fresh Effects. 

When I first saw that I was getting this I was super excited, and very happy to try it out.  I tend to have bad skin, large pores and mild acne, so of course I want to try out any new face cleansing product. The package is less than fifteen dollars and contains a battery powered brush (with a battery) as well as a starter amount of cleanser. I was given the shine shine to go with mine.

 Here’s the brush, it has both an on and an off button on the top of it, and the brush is made out of a silicone feeling material which feels really good on my skin. I don’t think that it would be something that’d irritate sensitive skin either so if that’s you go for it. The vibrations are also strong something I wasn’t expecting from a cheaper product. 

This is an anti shine cleanser which isn’t exactly the perfect thing for my skin, because I don’t have a shine problem but it worked really well. To use it I put some on my skin with a little water and then used the battery powered brush to scrub it in. I did have to add a little bit more water through using it but that wasn’t a big deal. After I was finished I noticed that my skin felt amazing. Better even than when I use clean & clear morning burst not to mention I think its a lot nicer on my skin. I also saw that my pores were significantly smaller. I’ve been thinking about getting a Clarasonic but now that I have this I think that I can hold off on that.


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