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To the Beach
What to Wear to the Beach

So, I just found out on Friday that my spring break starts this weekend, not next weekend. Since I’m just going to my grandparents house, which I mentioned in my Spring Break Packing Guide its not really that big of a deal that I didn’t get the dates exactly right. Although I should consider calling them and saying that I’m going to be a week early. It wouldn’t exactly be funny if I drove all the way there to find out that they weren’t there and were going to be gone for the next few days. I seriously have no idea what I’d do so I guess I’ll have to call ahead to make sure that doesn’t happen. So for this polyvore basically is a guide to what to wear at the beach. Obviously all you really need is a swimsuit, but I find it a little awkward to be driving (or walking) to the water in a swimsuit not to even start on the getting back part. That’s why I made a simple outfit guide that you can wear to the beach, and if you want to keep it on when you are there its something that you won’t look out of place in, unlike a fancy bustier outfit. Which I guess if you really wanted you could wear…
  • Bandeau Bikini, Miss Selfridge – $46 Unless you’re going to the beach just to lay out and want as little of a tan line as possible or you’re just going to look for boys a bandeau bikini really is the way to go. It has enough support in the top that you can play in the water without worrying about losing it but it isn’t so large that you look like a swimmer from the 1940’s. I also love the anchor print on it, something that is of course perfect for the beach.
  • Beach Wedge, Sperry – $195 I feel like the only good place to wear wedges is either at a pool or at the beach, which is obviously what this guide is all about. The rope on the heel is the perfect design for summer, and since the shoes are made of canvas they’re easy to clean the sand off of.
  • Cuffed Short, Hudson – $165 When it comes to jeans Hudson knows what to do. I see a lot of people that wear white shorts at the beach, but if you are wearing any sort of colored swimsuit, it can be a little awkward upon leaving because it will show through if even a little damp, so always go with the plain jean shorts. 
  • Button Down Shirt, A&F – $54 I really hate to add very many Abercrombie and Fitch pieces to my outfit posts simply because its what everyone wears but they do have a lot of very cute clothing. Depending on how modest you are, you can either have the top buttoned or unbuttoned to show your adorable swimsuit.
  • Anchor Infinity Scarf, Sperry – $30 Clearly I chose this to go with the bandeau bikini but if you’re wearing the button down shirt at least most of the way done up this can look really cute. Its also perfect for when it gets a little colder at night.

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