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Fashion Trend: Bright Coats

Bright Coat

Wearing a Bright Coat

Since this isn’t exactly a fashion blog I tend not to post about Fashion Week Trends, but this trend of bright long coats is something I really like. Its extremely wearable for everyday and its something I think will stay around long enough to actually get enough use out of. I’ve actually done another post, How to Wear Retro featuring a bright yellow coat. 

For this I decided to go with a very casual look. Since I’m a college student just not wearing sweat pants is dressing up, so I’m pretty proud of this, even if I do have the occasional lazy day outfit .  I think that the majority of my posts will be pretty casual for the next three or four years but after that who knows. I have no idea what I’m going to do with my life after that.

  • Double Breasted Coat, Planet – $89 Of course to follow the trend, you need the trend piece. For some areas it may be getting a little too warm for such a thick coat, but where I am the temperature is still going below freezing. I decided on the purple because its quickly becoming my favorite color.
  • Light Skinny Jeans, 7 for all mankind – $200 I really do love to wear jeans, something I think comes from being an American. Awhile ago I did a post on the jeans I own and since then the number has only grown. Skinny jeans, which I chose for this outfit tend to look the least casual and look the best with a large coat so you don’t look like you’re drowning.
  • Cut out Wedge Booties, gojane – $35 For this amount of money I think its okay to get an item because its trendy, and if you really like it it doesn’t REALLY matter if you’re super fashionable. The cut out is very in right now as is any bootie. I’m not sure that I’d like these shoes with a short dress or skirt but with jeans or a maxi dress its perfect.
  • Leather Bag, Louis Vuitton – I really like the look of a lot of the Louis Vuitton bags. The shape and the handles are perfect for both a casual and more formal look.


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