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Review: Lancome Night Cream

Multi-Action Lifting and Firming 
Night Cream
All skin types. To use, apply to a cleansed face, and throat every night.  Just like the Lancome Eye Cream, I’ll start with what I like best about the product and make my way to the thing I like least. First I really like the consistency. I’ll describe it more further down. The second thing that I like is that it is for the face and the neck. What I really don’t like though is the price, and the smell.
Starting with the smell. This smells like the typical anti wrinkle cream with an added bit of vinegar to it. So basically terrible. The only good thing I can say is that is since its for night time, I guess it doesn’t really matter now it smells. Although it does make me want to just go smell something nice after having it on my face.
Since I got this for free in my Von Maur beauty haul by purchasing something over $50 this along with a few other samples was free to me. If I had to buy this though it’d be rather expensive. Sure, it seems to work really well but there are other much cheaper alternatives out there,  namely (and I hate to say it) Avon. 
The great thing is that they mentioned that this is for both the neck and the face. Due to Botox and wrinkle creams I’ve always heard that to tell a woman’s age look at her neck and her hands. Now just to get something for the hands, although I bet they already make a product like that.
Lastly I really like is the texture and consistency of this night cream. When I first went to apply it it felt awfully similar to the Nivea Tin Creme, but once I applied it it became much smoother. I don’t really feel the cream on my face, just a slight cooling effect it gives off. I feel like my pores can still easily breath.
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