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Looking Nice On Break

Beach Wear

I’ve done a guide on what to pack for spring break, as well as a guide on what to wear at the beach, so I  decided that now, I should make an outfit that can be worn around town. The kind of town I’m thinking of is a resort town, or one right on the coast. Not your midwestern hometown where you happen to be during spring break. I guess you could wear it there, but it might come across as a little trashy, where as at the beach town where most people will be wearing their swimsuit everywhere you’ll look pretty fancy.  As a disclaimer I realize that a lot of the items I use for these outfits is kind of expensive, that doesn’t mean I’m saying you have to wear it to look good. Its just what I happened to pick out, and I’m sure you can find many very similar alternatives.

  • Lace Cardigan, Valentino – $1270 I remember reading a blog article about men hating cardigans but I can’t recall the woman’s reasoning. Honestly I don’t see how someone can’t like this one. The dusty pink color is so feminine as is the lace that it almost takes away the edge from the fact that the outfit has an open stomach because of course you won’t be buttoning it up.
  • Bralet Top, TopShop – $45 I absolutely love bralets. I feel like the ability to wear them is one of the only perks of being flat chested. The cut outs in the sides add a contrast to the average bralet. The best part of this is that its from TopShop, who sells at Nordstrom and by my many Nordstrom Hauls its obvious I shop there a lot.
  • Jean Shorts, Hudson – $170 Even if you’re at a beach town there’s no reason to have your butt hanging out of your shorts (I’ve seen many girls like this) so just wear a pair of shorts that are a tad bit longer. I’m not saying to your knees or anything.  I really like the semi destroyed look of this pair, because it is still a vacation after all.
  • Gladiator Sandals, Givenchy – $985 I think sandals are the best footwear for anywhere near a beach. Flip Flops fall off so easily that I seem to lose them and anything with socks is terrible with sand. Gladiators are the perfect in between, even if wearing them makes me feel like I’m from Biblical times.

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