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Wearing Capris

How to Wear Capris

Maybe you could tell with my Spring Break Outfit post I’m ready for warmer weather. Even though there is currently about an inch of snow on the ground spring is on its way. Although I’m normally a big fan of skinny jeans but I think capris are a good change to that. Actually I think the last time I even owned a pair was middle school. Its not that I don’t like how they look, its that I just couldn’t figure out how to actually wear them. Really though they can be worn with anything. For shoes really boots, flats, or high heels would work, sneakers can work too but stay away from tennis shoes. They tend to make anyone’s calfs look way oversized almost like a body builder’s legs and I doubt many people are into that. Along with using capris I also used pastel colors for spring.

  • T Back Top, Patagonia – $49 I remember reading in Bloomberg about Patagonia. They are a brand that didn’t start out selling trendy things, more of the practical outdoor clothing. Some how though their fleece jackets caught on and now I guess they have fashionable tank tops. I chose it because its simple and free flowing.
  • Pastel Bag, Aldo – $50 This is probably the most noticeable part of my outfit as a spring thing. If you’ve seen many of my outfit posts I almost always add a bag like this one. The top handle style is the only one that seems to work for me, its easy to carry and I don’t feel like I have something attached to me. The patchwork is also something I’ve been into lately.
  • Combat Boots, Steve Madden – $100 I’m not going to lie,, I did add these to the mix because I have my own Steve Madden Combat Boots. I’ve had a little bit of trouble styling them lately so I figured this would help me out. The best thing I found was to wear them folded down about an inch.
  • Cuffed Capris, Big Star Rikki – $78 Of course last but not least the main part of the outfit. I love the them in a medium wash and a thicker fabric. The great thing about a cuff is that if you’re a little short you can just roll it a little higher.

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