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Wearing a Red Dress

Red Dress Outfit
Looking through my old posts I realized I haven’t done a Polyvore in a long time. I think my last one was about wearing capris  and now I’m going to do another equally informative post on wearing another warm weather item, dresses. I mean I guess that dresses are perfectly fine in any weather but during the winter you either have to wear tights (where I live anyways) or run the risk of your legs freezing off.  Yesterday though it was 70 degrees out so I think that my legs will be safe in a dress. Actually later this month I’ll be doing a feature on a dress with a similar cut to the one above, as well as reshowing my JazzyWear Wedges again. That dress won’t be red though which is the whole point of this guide since red really isn’t that easy of a color to wear. Its strong, and really not that many things go with it.
  • Short Trench Coat, Uniqlo – $80 I really like the look of trench coats, especially double breasted ones, with a dress but I hate when they are so long it looks like the wearer is only wearing a trench coat. Surprisingly though this is the first time I’ve even considered a shorter length trench coat. For the color I would stick with the kayak color because anything else will just look washed out against the red.
  • Square Sunglasses, herpanche – $13 For most faces I tend to see that square glasses look best. Round is okay, but if you have a fatter face, bushy eyebrows or a larger nose it looks terrible. For me the bigger the frame the better mostly because I have big eyes but also because the bigger frames make my face look smaller.
  • Platform Mary Janes, Nelly – $30 I find that the best thing to go with red is black. Grey looks washed out, colors look too busy, and white and red is something a young child would wear. Platform shoes are the best way to get a few extra inches without taking away your balance and Mary Jane style shoes are so cute. 
  • Lace Shift Dress, TopShop – $92 I’ve done a few other outfit posts with topshop and I really do like a lot of their clothes. Lace is by far one of my favorite material, I think half the tops and dress in my closet have at least some kind of lace, and its really versatile. Obviously the whole outfit was around having a red dress, something that can look great on multiple skin and hair colors, and can be for a lot of different events.
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