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Hot Work Wear, Office

Hot Work Wear, Office

Going to work isn’t something I do, but planning outfits is. A lot of “work” outfits really don’t look that great, actually what I think of when someone says work wear is a pants suit with a sensible wedge, not something that I’d be willing to wear. I don’t know exactly why but it seems that I’ve been really into skirts in dresses both for casual wear like my guide to wearing a skater skirt, and more formal (similar to this guide) wearing a mini skirt. Pencil skirts are by far my favorite kind of skirts so of course I added one. There is something with this outfit though, depending on where you work it may not be considered appropriate but I think most offices will be okay. It isn’t showing too much skin, and isn’t too uncomfortable.

  • Calfskin Bag, YSL – $2350 Of course I used this bag because I love the style. Bags with a top handle instead of a strap are always my first choice. Another thing that I like is that it is a YSL product. Of course you can find a cheaper alternative because I think for most people an almost $2500 bag is unaffordable. 
  • Pencil Skirt, Karen Millen – $175 As I said early I really love pencil skirts. This one is a little longer than most of the ones that I own. For a business outfit I think the extra length really is a good thing. More “classy”I guess.
  • Bra Top, fashion union – $15 This is labeled as a bra top, but to me its the same thing as bustier top, maybe those are just a little thicker so if you want to see another way to wear fashion union’s bra top take a look at my guide to wearing a bustier top.
  • Peep toe, Gucci – $705 I think that I tend to look at the most expensive shoes and bags, and then more average priced clothes, although of course like the bag I’m sure there are cheaper alternatives. What I like about this shoe is the lower heal, and the straps on the front, making it very practical for walking around. The red color and peep toe keep it from seeming like an old lady shoe though.
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