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Ready For Summer Dresses

Summer Dress How to
How to Wear a Summer Dress
I’m very ready for summer to be here. With less than a month left of school stress is starting to kick in, and very shortly finals will be here and although I’ve doing very well now, I’m worried about keeping it up. I’m tired of wearing pants all the time, and I’m ready to take out my skirts and summer dresses. That might be noticeable by my skater skirt guide or by the fact that yesterday I wore a short skirt when I knew I had to be walking outside, and it was like forty out. I didn’t really learn my lesson either because I plan on doing that again tonight. It is a little ironic though because I used to live in my jeans. Since then my jeans have turned into multicolored multiprint pants and now I don’t even want to wear those anymore. Turning into a woman I suppose.
  • Sandle Wedges, Burberry – $450 Other than dresses another thing that I’m really starting to like is open toe shoes, of course part of this is because it’s getting warmer outside but I think the other part is because I’m getting less lazy about getting my nails done. Also as a big fan of Burberry I had to use their shoes in the making of this guide because some many of their designs are so contemporary.
  • Silk Scarf, Faliero Sarti – $200 Since it isn’t going to be uber hot for awhile (where I live anyways) I think that a bright scarf that compliments the colors of the dress print is a great accessory to add. To make this work a top knot or similar hair style would work best.
  • Scallop Cross body, F&F – $15 Although I’m normally not a fan of cross body bags I’ve done a few posts featuring them like my guide to adding a pop of color and I was sure that I had done a post with this particular bag before but I couldn’t find any. I have to say that I love how inexpensive it is and cross body bags are so easy to carry around that I don’t think even I could lose one.
  • Flower Print Dress, ModCloth – $43 Floral prints are always in for the spring season, and I love the soft look of this dress. Even on the palest skin it wouldn’t look overpowering, and it doesn’t look busy something that tends to happen to a lot of prints. Since it is a cotton polyester blend it’ll breathe well and be able to last into summer.

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